Arbonne 7 Day Cleanse

Here’s a post that I know some of you have been waiting for. My review of Arbonne’s 7 Day Cleanse Product.


In Arbonne’s detox program, they recommend that you do this for the third week of the detox (which ends today for me!!). I know a lot of my friends use the words “cleanse” and “detox” interchangeably, so just be mindful that this post is about the “cleanse” that is in the third week of the 28 Day Detox using the above product. I started it a day early, because the start date they lined up on the FB group was a risky day to start something like this for me. I heard that you were not in the bathroom all day from my friend N and her husband that have done this before, and they also reiterated on the FB group page that this was a very gentle cleanse….but everybody is different, and you never know for sure!! So, I played it safe…started it on a Sunday when I was in the comfort of my own home.


In my own feeble mind, if it claims to “eliminate toxins”, there is only a couple of ways for the elimination to happen….so this post is going to have a lot of “TMI” moments…so warning, if you don’t want to hear about my “elimination” please move on to the next post now.



The plan is to empty the contents of a little pouch into 32 oz of water, and sip over the course of 4 hours or so each day for one week. You also must drink an additional 32 oz of water (which is no different than the regular detox program) to prevent “cramping”.




THE TASTE: Weak apple juice, weak apple tea….etc. On the FB group page, they claim if it tastes bad to you, that means your body is still very acidic, and it should start to taste better to you as the week goes on and you further detox. This sounds weird to me, but I can’t particularly vouch for it since it tasted absolutely fine to me. I have no qualms about the taste whatsoever. I have seen reviews of this that claim it tasted better as the week went on, so that’s something.

DAY 1: Daily thought progressions: “Hmmmm that’s strange, it didn’t make me go to the bathroom…..I kind of feel like I have to go the bathroom……Why can’t I go to the bathroom?…….I feel like I have a rock in my stomach, it just keeps building and building!!!…….Oh no, where is all this stuff going? Am I having a baby, why is my stomach so rounded?……OMG WHY CAN’T I GO THE BATHROOM!!!!….I hear things gurgling, why is nothing happening?!……okay, I’m going to have a detox tea, maybe that will help…..yep, that helped…whew”

Completely NOT what I expected for the first day.

DAY 2: Daily thought progression: “Laaaa la la la …lala la laaaa la la  *8PM HITS WHILE I’M AT A CONCERT* GAHHHHHH what is this terrible migraine headache?!”  I even got quiet and stopped talking because my head hurt so bad….so you KNOW it was serious. The FB group page claimed that you might get some headaches or other initial detox symptoms again the first few days of the cleanse, since you are “eliminating more toxins”. I don’t really believe that.  I think this headache could have been from a number of different things: stressing out about going to a concert with an awkward person, being on the run all day, having to eat a little different bc I was on the run all day, being a Monday, etc. But, I thought MAYBE, just MAYBE it meant this cleanse was doing something else in my body….it was being functional.

DAYS 3- 7: Business as Usual….I felt NO different

RESULTS:  I lost 2 pounds this week, which was the same as last week. Still great, but I think I would have lost them without the cleanse. In summary, I don’t think the cleanse does anything…..My friend N from work said her first experience on it, she was wondering all the same things: “what is this even doing??” but then in her fourth week she lost more, so she thought it might have actually “jumpstarted” things. Her and her husband will be doing it again next week, and then my friend L and her family will be doing it probably in like a month from now.  I will be interested to hear their takes on it, because I know they will be honest and in the name of science (at least for L). I will post any updates in this blog if they think anything differently than I originally posted.

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re running short on funds, and still wanted to try the 28 Day Detox, I think this is definitely a product that can be cut from the package. If you’re somebody that’s interested in doing things by the book and seeing how it impacts you differently than me, it might be cool to try….in which case, I’d love to hear how your results are different than mine in the comments below.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that this review was for the “7 Day Cleanse Product”…not the whole 28 Day Detox (which I’ve been loving).



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